If you combine a baker and a wedding coordinator, you get a "Wedding Cake Whisperer" who can bake dreams into reality and coordinate happily ever afters.

The same kind of magic happens when you combine a luxury home builder and an interior designer :: you get an “Organizational Designer” who can build more room into interiors and design spaces with functional beauty.

When you marry all three, you celebrate with a wedding cake of expertise ::

  1. We bake the cake (builder)
  2. Add fillings and build the layers (organizational designer)
  3. Then, decorate it with the perfect blend of sprinkles, frosting, and embellishments (interior designer)

Creating a beautiful home that caters to the whole family is the icing on top.

Organizational Design

if you're replacing a space

Start with A PHONE CALL

Before we can jump into a design, we need to start with either our Organizational Consulting service (if building/renovating) or our Planning Meeting (if you just want to replace an existing space). Feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to learn more about getting started.

  • Space plans start at $500 per space (incremental to any additional/previous service)
  • Exact estimate to be provided before starting a design
  • This service can be executed remotely if you are outside our service area

The Details

“Lisa took what was a rather standard and doldrum set of walk-in closets and created an amazing, custom-built set of storage areas that accommodate our belongings and aesthetic to a T. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

~ Bryan :: Carmel