Picture the luxury of stepping into a perfectly curated and organized wardrobe that not only highlights every facet of your unique vibe and individuality but also fuels a profound sense of empowerment.

You will stride through your day with poise, self-confidence, and authenticity, radiating a captivating aura that leaves a lasting impact and brightens the path for you and everyone around you.

For the entire experience, you can expect 1 appointment at Stephanie’s color studio, plus 3 appointments in your home over approximately 3 months.

At the end of our transformative experience together, you will reap the benefits of ::
  • Knowing what colors best compliment your skin tone and how to rock them daily :: we call these your “wow colors”
  • Understanding your best clothing silhouettes for your body shape
  • Proudly walking into your closet knowing where everything is, what your best clothing options are, and never again looking at “maybe someday” clothing
  • Unlocking the secret to dressing effortlessly without numerous outfit changes
  • Rocking outfits that make you feel more pulled together, comfortable, and in control
  • No longer wasting your money + time buying clothes that don’t flatter you
  • Strutting out of your closet in an enlightened mood, feeling liberated and ready to take on anything that comes your way

What to Expect


If you’re ready to take on your closet holistically and face each day with renewed confidence, your personal empowerment journey starts here.

  • Total Investment :: $4,750

The Details

“You think style can't change the world? Then you've never seen a woman wearing a perfectly tailored pant she just pulled from her perfectly organized closet. That confidence can MOVE MOUNTAINS.”

~ Dana :: Carmel