I can’t tell you how many brand new homes I’ve been in that aren’t designed with space optimization in mind. Can you imagine investing in a custom-built home that doesn’t meet even the basic level of your family’s organizational needs?

  • What if your dinner plates didn’t actually fit in the upper kitchen cabinets?
  • What if your primary closet was lacking long-hanging space?
  • What if your broom closet had so many shelves in it that there wasn’t enough vertical height for … you know … a broom?!

What if I told you that I’ve seen all of these scenarios play out in brand-spanking new homes that were supposedly “customized?”

Build smarter.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, you need an organizational and space planning expert on your team to help determine the best layout, placement, and features for all storage spaces throughout your home :: kitchen, pantry, primary closet, mudroom, laundry room, etc.

Eliminate the confusion, guesswork, and rash decisions during the planning phase by adding me to your design team.

Organizational Consulting


* If a more in-depth sorting, categorizing, & editing process is desired and/or warranted, our In-Home Organizing services will be scheduled for a separate date and are incremental to this Consulting scope.

Our Consulting package includes ::

  • One 2-hour, in-person launch meeting to be held at your existing place of residence

What to Expect

  • Review of existing plans/blueprints for the space
  • Recommendations in writing about what enhancements/edits to make to existing architectural plans
  • List of features with recommended specs to include in each space provided to your architect or builder for them to incorporate into their design
  • Meeting attendance for up to 4 hours total of your choosing (incremental to the 2-hr launch meeting), whether that be planning with the builder, interior design, trim walk-through, final walk-through, etc.

  • Introduction to you, your family, your lifestyle, decor style, and personal style
  • Discussion of your specific needs, expectations, goals, & budget
  • Physical review & evaluation of existing contents *
  • Measurement of contents and space

Book a Consultation

We start with a complimentary phone consultation to get to know one another, learn what to expect, and determine the best timing of when I get involved in your build or renovation process. (hint :: it’s early on!)

  • Consulting Package :: $1,650 (includes all services listed above)
  • Package will cover as many spaces as the built-in hours allow :: anything over that time will be billed hourly
  • This service can be executed remotely if you are outside my service area

The Details

“I loved working with Lisa. She made the entire process simple and stress-free all while keeping my budget in mind. The end result was a space that was once overwhelming becoming a functional, easy to maintain, and visually appealing space. Grateful for Lisa’s expertise and guidance. I’m already looking for my next space she can transform.”

~ Betsy :: McCordsville