Creating an organized home takes a lot of time :: of which you don’t have.

We understand that investing your limited time into a home organizing project means that you are sacrificing that time for something else important to you, whether it be family, travel, work, or (gasp!) a hobby.

Let our team take on the organizing so you can spend your valuable time on the activities that are precious to you.

Our team takes a holistic approach by emptying your space, categorizing items based on how/when you use them, helping you make the tough editing decisions, and determining optimized placement.

Then, comes our specialty of product sourcing and system creation, keeping design at the forefront of our minds.

In-Home Organizing


There’s something our organizing services and a luxury, all-inclusive tropical resort have in common🌴 :: Up-Front Pricing! With our approach, there are no surprises throughout our working relationship ... unfortunately, we'll be sans palm trees. Thank you, Indiana.

Our pricing structure aligns with our belief in transparency, honesty, simplicity, and high-touch client service. Just like your time at a luxury resort, you can relax and enjoy our time together. There is no need to worry about extra costs or surprises, creating a truly refreshing and supportive experience where you'll feel well taken care of.

Our services include ::

  • Sorting and editing :: we'll be there every step of the way to help you make editing decisions and won't rush or judge you during this important process
  • Determination of the best placement of items based on space, usage, and aesthetics
  • Planning and designing of your space's new organizational system, including researching, purchasing, returning, and exchanging all product
  • Implementation of the overall organization system 
  • One complimentary trip of donations
  • Coordination for any third-party work needed, such as hanging wall items (trust us :: you don't want us putting random holes in your walls)
  • Projects that are not based on hours but rather by completion and value

What to Expect

Book a Consultation

  • This 1-hour meeting is required before the start of our organizing sessions
  • We come into your home to see the space in person, discuss goals, determine style, get measurements, and ensure we can hit the ground running for our first organizing session.

We start with a complimentary phone consultation to get to know one another, learn what to expect, and ensure we’re not walking into a bad blind date. After that, we start our organizing relationship.

The Details

  • Post-Planning Meeting, we provide a proposal detailing the scope of work and your comprehensive, all-inclusive project estimate. This amount is exactly what you will pay :: no more, no less.
  • To give you an idea, full projects start at $1,020

  • Busting a myth :: Organizing is not one-and-done. It takes continued effort to keep it up. The difference is whether the effort takes a weekend (pre-organizing) or 10 minutes (post-organizing).
  • If you need help keeping up with life, we're here for you
  • Sessions for existing clients start at $680 per session
Maintenance Sessions

In-home Planning Meeting :: $150

“I don't know how Lisa's mind works the way it does with organizing, but it's pure genius. She truly has a gift for this!”

~ Lindsay :: Zionsville