If you want to know our owner Lisa in a nutshell, she's a unique combo of ::
  • Dorothy from Golden Girls :: direct and matter-of-fact who can't hide a facial expression
  • Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls :: competitive and the one most likely to wear a tracksuit
  • Punky Brewster :: resourceful, self-reliant, loyal, and creative

During her past career in advertising, human resources, and operations, people leaned on her to help solve problems. She went from helping coworkers thrive as a team to now helping family members live together in peace.

She has a natural ability to understand space in a way that most people struggle with. Whether it's a cluttered pantry, a cramped closet, or an unused corner, she possesses a unique perspective that combines design, functionality, and untapped potential. 

A Quick Intro

nice to e-meet you

Picture perfectly-organized and handy spices that prevent you from burning dinner or eating bland food.

Imagine a pantry secretly arranged to entice your children towards healthier snack options while fostering their independence.

Visualize a closet organized according to your personal getting-dressed preferences, be it by sleeve length, color, or distinguishing workwear from casual attire.

No matter your personal organizing needs, we ensure that our approach and results will make your life calmer, your days smoother, and your home more elevated. Let us take the burden off of you, so you have more time and mental space to enjoy a well-organized and leisurely lifestyle
  • unused vertical space
  • the potential for drawers
  • a way to add double-hang rods
  • open wall space for extra hooks
  • and a hack to turn the back of your door into storage.

For example, you may see a reach-in closet that has never provided you enough room. Lisa sees ::

"I cannot say enough great things about Lisa. This was an incredible experience from start to finish. She's professional, easy to work with, timely, detail-oriented, creative..."

~ Jill, Indianapolis

"My husband wanted to gift me a beautiful designer bracelet for my birthday. Instead, I asked for sessions with Lisa since they are so much more valuable to me and my family."

~ Catherine, Carmel

What stops most people in their tracks from starting the organizing process is the fear of decluttering. Hiring a professional organizer has the huge advantage of having a supportive voice of reason to hold your hand during this daunting task.

However, we’re not going to just tell you what you want to hear. We’ll give you our honest opinion on ::
  • whether you should hold onto your high school letterman jacket (yes)
  • your kids’ first lost tooth (ew, no)
  • your shoes that are uncomfortable (why though??)

We’ll share some laughs together along the way, and you’ll leave the session feeling productive, proud, and free!

Our easy-to-understand decluttering approach is all about getting rid of your C.R.A.P. You can quickly and easily toss anything that is ::

C = Cheap
R= Repetitive
A = Aggravating
P = Past its Prime

Our Decluttering Approach

:: Learn more about c.r.a.p.

When you invite us into your home, we don't take the honor for granted. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that we are there to serve YOU by being attentive to your every need and to your project’s every detail. We also carry full-coverage business insurance to help put you at ease even more. 

We value confidentiality, professionalism, communication, and connection to help you reach your organized lifestyle goals.

  • We understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy and treating your personal space and property with the utmost respect.

  • We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, providing you with a reliable and competent team.

  • We strive to keep you informed and educated at every stage since effective and transparent communication is a core part of our client relationships.

  • Beyond being your organizing partner, we aim to foster a genuine connection with you. We believe that a strong bond and mutual understanding enable us to create a customized solution that not only meets your organizational goals but also resonates with your unique personality, style, and budget.

Together, we'll bring your vision of an organized lifestyle to life, and you'll actually look forward to hanging out with us :: we can sometimes be Cool Moms.

Our values


Meet The Team

Coming Soon !

As soon as I can convince my team to let me capture their smiling faces for public consumption, you'll get to know them better.

Our team of six consists of moms (one has FIVE boys!), business owners, a pediatrician, a dental hygienist, and of course, red wine lovers.


We introduced our new brand, along with an expanded team supporting Lisa. It was time to showcase our design strength not only in our work but also in our name. Our new name was inspired by our clients’ affinity for their designer handbags, clothes, and jewelry … so … they naturally deserve the luxury services of The Designer Organizer.

2023 ::

2019 ::

TDO was originally founded as Sort Support by Lisa Eckerle. The focus of the company was to help others sort out their busy lives, one organized space at a time.

After helping hundreds of families get organized, Lisa discovered that she ultimately enjoyed the design phase of organizing, and her clients reciprocated with praise for her keen eye for design.

2020-2022 ::

A quick history lesson